CLARIFICATION NOTICE - Fraudulent Company Website and Emails
Posted on: 2020-10-01 00:00:00 • By BCR Event Notice

It has come to the attention of Bacera Co Pty Ltd (BCR/ our Company) that some unidentified parties have made use of our Company name to:

  • set up a fraudulent company website, the domain corporate name of which is very similar to the company name of BCR; and/or
  • form a fraudulent originating email address and emailed to the general public.


BCR hereby clarifies that our Company’s official website is We have never set up any website at


nor emailed anyone with an email address of



Our Company has no connection whatsoever with the contents of the above-mentioned fraudulent websites and/or fraudulent emails. Please do not visit the aforesaid fraudulent websites, respond to the email, or visit any websites mentioned therein from the fraudulent email addresses, or provide any personal information to the email senders or such websites.


BCR is concerned about the issue and has reported the case to the proper authorities. Our Company reserves all legal rights against all parties involved in the incident. If any of our customers receives an email from the fraudulent email address, please contact BCR’s customer service department immediately.