BCR Proudly Presents: Amonrat and Kenneth Share Their Journey to Paralympic Qualification

Last week, the BCR team was privileged to welcome back to Sydney two outstanding badminton players, Amonrat Alicia Ferraino and Kenneth Adlawan, fresh from their Olympic qualifiers journey. We were thrilled that these two NBC stars took the time to sit down with us and recount their experiences in the Olympic qualifiers, sharing the many moments along their journey.




As we conversed, they shared how they faced each challenge step by step in the qualifiers, allowing us to vicariously experience the full spectrum of emotions entwined in their journey. Their story is not just about competitive rankings but about finding ways to grow and progress under immense pressure. Moreover, Kenneth and Amonrat expressed profound gratitude towards the BCR team, acknowledging not just the financial support but also the invaluable moral encouragement and logistical backing which were crucial in allowing them to focus on their training and competitions. BCR’s support has been a steadfast backbone for them at every moment of their fight for their goals.






Just as we go to press, great news has again emerged from Melbourne. Kenneth Adlawan has achieved remarkable success at the recently concluded 2024 Australian National Para Badminton Championships, securing the gold medal in the men’s SL3 singles and a silver in the men’s doubles!


Similarly, Amonrat Alicia Ferraino demonstrated her resilience and determination at the same event, earning a silver medal in the women’s SL3 singles! The exceptional talent and indomitable spirit of both athletes have made them shine on the field.




BCR is proud to support the dream-chasing journey of Kenneth and Amonrat and is thrilled by their stellar achievements. For the BCR team, this sponsorship is more than just funding—it is an inspiring journey that holds significance and value for everyone involved. BCR remains committed to supporting sports and the development of athletes, hoping to continue being a strong partner for many more athletes on their path to dreams.


We hope the stories shared by the athletes will inspire each of us to continue forging ahead on our respective paths. Congratulations once again to Kenneth and Amonrat! BCR looks forward to witnessing more of your spectacular performances in future competitions!


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Diamond Sponsorship - BCR Supports Vietnam National Golf Team to the International Stage

As a leading brokerage firm in global financial services, BCR has not only garnered widespread acclaim in the financial markets but has also demonstrated excellence in promoting the spirit of sports and supporting sports development.


In 2023, as the Vietnam National Golf Team participated in the 19th Asian Games, we are extremely honored to announce that BCR has become the team's diamond-level sponsor, accompanying the team to witness this significant moment. This collaboration not only reaffirms the BCR brand philosophy but also reflects our profound investment in the values and spirit of sports.



Glory at the Asian Games, a new chapter for the Vietnam National Golf Team

On the challenging stage of the 19th Asian Games, the Vietnam National Golf Team showcased not only their improved skills but also the indomitable spirit.




Of particular note, Vietnamese team player Nguyen Anh Minh clinched the championship at the 2024 Taiwan Golf Championship. In the competition, Nguyen Anh Minh demonstrated his solid technical foundation and rich competitive experience. Faced with intense competition and immense pressure, he remained focused on the game, continuously elevating his performance. Ultimately, he succeeded in winning the championship, bringing unparalleled glory to the Vietnam National Golf Team.


This victory is not only a personal honor but also symbolizes Vietnam's rise in the global golfing arena.



Comprehensive Sponsorship Support from BCR

As the diamond-level sponsor of the Vietnam National Golf Team, BCR has provided significant financial support and substantial assistance in terms of technology and equipment. In our newly designed team uniforms, we emphasize functionality and comfort, ensuring that the athletes can perform at their best during the competition.



Sponsorship of the Australian NBC National Badminton Center

In addition to our collaboration with the Vietnam National Golf Team, BCR actively supports other sports projects, including the Australian NBC National Badminton Center. As a sponsor of NBC Badminton, we have provided full support to badminton players such as Nid Jamporn and other outstanding athletes Calista Lam and Kenneth Adlawan on their journey to the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. Their efforts and aspirations, like those of the Vietnam National Golf Team, represent the pursuit of dreams and the embodiment of the spirit of sports.


Win-Win Cooperation

As a long-term partner of the Vietnam National Golf Team, BCR is extremely proud to witness and support every step of their growth. We look forward to continuing to cheer for the Vietnam team in future competitions, welcoming new challenges and successes together.


BCR firmly believes that the integration of sports and the financial field will bring opportunities to more people, promoting the mutual development of both fields. We will continue to devote ourselves to promoting the development of sports, creating more opportunities for athletes, and jointly pursuing excellence and success.

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BCR Expands Global Presence: Navigating New Horizons at TradersFair VIETNAM 2023


On December 9, 2023, BCR embarked on a challenging journey, crossing thousands of miles to participate in the TradersFair VIETNAM 2023, a new round of offline events held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


The TradersFair was one of the key objectives of BCR's visit. This fair serves as a platform that brings together traders, professionals, and financial institutions, providing an opportunity for mutual learning, experience sharing, and insights exchange. The BCR Team understands that direct face-to-face communication with traders is an effective way to understand market demands and improve services.





During the fair, BCR showcased the latest trading technologies, financial instruments, and market trend analyses to attendees. Through close interaction with local traders, team members not only gained insights into the actual situation of the Vietnamese market but also collected valuable user feedback, providing strong support for product and service optimization.


About Us:


Established in 2008, BCR is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Over the past 15 years, we have been dedicated to the Contract for Difference (CFD) industry, providing customers with excellent products and services. As an award-winning CFD broker, we take pride in delivering a transparent and reliable trading experience along with meticulous customer service.



This exchange event in Vietnam not only deepened communication with the local market but also broadened the team's understanding of the international market. In the future, BCR will continue its efforts to provide global traders with even higher quality and innovative services, aiming to become a leader in the international financial arena.



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BCR shines at the Taipei International Financial Summit, jointly creating a new global wealth landscape!



From November 24th to 26th, 2023, the BCR team was invited to visit the beautiful island of Taiwan to participate in the second "Taipei International Financial Expo."

This three-day Taipei International Financial Expo is hailed as the largest event in the history of Taiwan's financial sector, attracting over 100 leading domestic and international financial brokers and banking institutions, with a total of 100,000 attendees. The expo focuses on actively responding to government financial policies, promoting sustainable development, and aligning with market investment trends, aiming to achieve the vision of autonomous wealth.




In line with the global trends of globalization and sustainable development, BCR has consistently adhered to its corporate philosophy, aligning seamlessly with the purpose of this expo. As an experienced international brokerage with over 16 years of experience in the financial field, BCR is honored to be invited to this grand event and strongly believes in the importance of the "sustainable development" philosophy. We look forward to using this opportunity to engage with local financial brokers in Taiwan and global leaders in the financial industry, fostering mutual learning.







The expo also had the special honor of having Mr. Lai Ching-te serve as the host for the opening ceremony, injecting a more noble sense of mission into the entire event. BCR will actively participate in future events, collaborate with industry elites, and jointly promote the prosperity and innovation of the financial industry. Through this expo, we hope to contribute to the sustainable development of the financial industry and collectively write a new chapter in the financial sector.





"Global Financial Outlook - Security, Sustainability"



During the expo, BCR's professional and passionate team shared their rich experience in the financial market with investors, answered questions from those new to the financial field, and conducted in-depth analysis of international financial trends. We aim to help Taiwanese investors seize opportunities more safely, quickly, and accurately through this event. At the same time, we actively respond to Mr. Lai Ching-te's concept of "financial globalization" mentioned in the opening ceremony, truly achieving secure transactions anytime, anywhere, and laying a solid foundation for financial freedom.



"Financial Globalization, and Localization!"



The Taipei International Financial Expo aims to respond to government financial innovation, focus on sustainable development, align with market investment trends, and create a vision of financial freedom. Through diverse interactive participation, it seeks to raise financial awareness among the public, provide positive investment and financial knowledge, and become the starting point for people to build a better life.







The professional BCR team brought abundant sincerity to the island of Taiwan and deeply felt the warm hospitality of Taiwan! Our booth was bustling throughout these three days, with a continuous flow of people. We sincerely thank everyone for their support and encouragement of BCR, and we look forward to joining forces with everyone again in the future to welcome new peaks!



BCR's sixteen-year commitment to sustainability ensures your secure trading in the global financial market!

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Chasing Dreams with BCR ---- Nid Jamporn

Guided by the spirit of the Olympics, sports have always been a symbol of transcending physical limits and conquering adversity. As a proud sponsor of NBC badminton, BCR is honored to support the qualification journey of Nid Jamporn and two other outstanding athletes, Calista Lam and Kenneth Adlawan, as they aim to participate in the Paris Paralympics.


 BCR is a world leading broker, offering a range of products and services, including forex, commodities, indices, precious metals, and shares. In addition to establishing the BCR Cardiovascular Scholarship at the University of Sydney, BCR has been dedicated to advancing the world of sports, providing support and opportunities for exceptional athletes to spread their wings and fearlessly pursue their dreams.



Much like the foreign exchange market, athletes must adapt to various situations, seize opportunities, and strive for victory at their peak performance.


Commodities symbolize the athletes' dedication and hard work as they refine themselves into precious treasures, bringing glory to their nations.


Indices represent the athletes' achievements and honors as they create remarkable records on the field.


Precious metals shine like the medals of the Paris Paralympics, symbolizing the athletes' diligent efforts and honor.



The stock market showcases the teamwork and collective effort of the athletes as they collaborate closely with coaches, support teams, and sponsors, all striving for excellence in sports.


At BCR, we firmly believe that sports and finance share common attributes, demanding wisdom, courage, and resilience. Our support for NBC's badminton players on their path to the Paris Paralympics aims to offer them a chance to pursue their dreams and achieve global recognition.



Among the three participating athletes, in this article, we shine a special spotlight on Nid Jamporn, whose story is brimming with perseverance and hope. Nid Jamporn hails from Thailand, and in May 2015, she suffered a severe motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of her left leg below the knee. She faced a period of despair, but it was the encouragement and support of friends and family that reignited her passion for life. She displayed extraordinary resilience and determination, not only relearning how to walk but also returning to the badminton court. Badminton was a sport she loved even before the accident, and she was determined not to let her injury shackle her life.


In 2018, Nid began participating in some competitions in Australia, catching the attention of the Australian Para-Badminton Association and NBC. Coaches Ian Bridge and Brian Koentjoro voluntarily offered assistance and guidance, supporting Nid on her Paralympic journey. In Geelong, Melbourne, Nid competed in her first para-badminton match, marking the beginning of her pursuit of dreams.

In 2019, Nid embarked on her journey further, participating in her first overseas international championship, the Thailand Bangkok Open, where she secured her first international championship victory. Today, Nid is on her path to the qualification tournament for the 2023 Paris Paralympics, giving her all to chase her long-awaited glory.


During this worldwide event, BCR will keep backing and motivating the athletes, aiding them in presenting their finest efforts. We are confident that their remarkable performances will shine brightly at the Paris Paralympics, symbolizing the enduring spirit of human determination and resilience.

Let's support Nid Jamporn, Calista Lam, Kenneth Adlawan, and all the athletes competing in the Paris Paralympics with BCR! Their stories will motivate us to pursue our dreams, whether in sports or the financial world, showing that we can overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success!

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USYD x BCR PhD Research Scholarship

BCR is proud to announce the "BCR PhD Scholarship Ceremony," hosted by the University of Sydney, Australia.



On May 20, 2019, BCR was invited by the University of Sydney to co-host the establishment ceremony of the BCR PhD Scholarship held at the University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre.


Through funding this scholarship, BCR aims to provide long-term support for the talent introduction program of the Brain and Mind Centre. As for USYD, it aims to utilize the BCR PhD Scholarship to recruit young talents from prestigious universities globally and to take advantage of artificial intelligence technology in the field of medical imaging to accurately diagnose and treat brain-related diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.


During this meaningful event, BCR senior executives, world-renowned scientific experts, as well as the world's top three clinical professors, the COO, and CEO of the Brain and Mind Centre were present.



(Professor John D. Pollard (AO) and Professor Patricia Armati (AM, BSc, MSc, PhD) delivered a speech on the establishment of the Nerve Research Foundation.)


Professor Pollard is internationally recognized for his reputation in the fields of neuropathy and multiple sclerosis. In 2005, he was awarded an AO for his contributions to neurology, particularly in multiple sclerosis.


Professor Armati is the Founder, Co-Director, and Vice President of the Nerve Research Foundation. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Institute of Neuromuscular Research at Westmead Children's Hospital.


Lastly, Professor Michael Barnett (MBBS, FRACP, PhD) and Dr. Tim Wang explained the major research and achievements of the Brain and Mind Centre. Professor Michael Barnett is a consultant neurologist at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney, a Director of the MS Society clinic, and the MS Clinical Trials Unit at the Brain and Mind Centre. Dr. Tim Wang is a postdoctoral researcher at the Brain and Mind Centre and the Director of Operations at the Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre.



(BCR Allen Chen, Professor Michael Barnett, Professor John D. Pollard, Professor Patricia Armati, BCR Director David Calver)


It is universally known that in the medical imaging field, "AI" is still in its infancy, but we believe that as technology matures, not only will it enhance our working efficiency, but it will also aid in improving the accuracy of medical imaging, which will contribute to various treatments for patients with brain diseases. We are convinced that AI, the new advanced technology, will be applied in every aspect of the medical field to serve a better society and benefit mankind.



(Professor John D. Pollard, BCR Sales Director Anna Zhang)


Undoubtedly, the funding of the BCR PhD Scholarship will significantly promote the introduction of medical professional talents. What's more, coupled with the trend of our times, the excellent match of "Talents + AI" will create profound achievements in clinical medicine and denervation in the brain and mind. BCR will operate with the integrity of the purpose of "Developing medicine and dedicating to society" to expand its business based on national health and further explore uncharted territory in the medical field. BCR expects that emerging talents with professional knowledge and a dedication spirit can become a solid foundation for medical development."



(Brain and Mind Centre USYD official Facebook page)



USYD official website:




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